Studio Rules and Policies

These rules and policies ensure the safety and smooth running of the premises for all users:

  1. Animals/pets are not permitted to enter the premises with the exception of guide dogs for the blind and hard of hearing.
  2. Hirers and their attendees may not enter the premises until 5 minutes before the confirmed booking start time.
  3. Hirers and/or Attendees must not enter any studio other than the studio provided for their hire.
  4. Only active participants relating to each hire may enter the premises. No spectators or waiting parents are permitted in the premises.
  5. In the interests of all users, studios must be vacated by the end time of each booking. All activity should cease two (2) minutes prior to the end time of each booking to allow for restoring the studio and collection of personal items. Studio sound systems will switch off automatically 2 minutes prior to the booking end time.
  6. An overstay penalty of £15 will be charged for every 5-minute (or part thereof) period that any hirer, any associated items or equipment, or any of the hirer’s participants remain in the studio beyond the confirmed booking period.
  7. The studio must be left in the condition it was in at the start of the booking.
  8. A room restoration penalty of £100 will be charged should a studio not be vacated in the same condition as it was at the start of a booking.
  9. Any item provided by Husky Studios, including furniture, must be returned, by the hirer, to its original location before the end of each booked session.
  10. A penalty of £100 will be charged should any provided item not be returned to its original location at the end of each booked session.
  11. Only personal electrical items which have been PAT tested and bear a current PAT certificate may be connected to power sockets located within the premises.
  12. No eating or drinking (other than water) in any corridor or public area of the premises including, but not limited to, changing rooms and toilets.
  13. All litter must be removed from the studio at the end of each booking and placed in the bin by the front entrance door.
  14. Tap shoes must not be worn in any corridor or public space within the premises.
  15. No rehearsals or meetings in corridors or public spaces within the premises.
  16. No chalk, baby powder, talcum powder or resin to be used on any floor surface in the premises.
  17. Toilets must not be used for the purpose of changing. Please use the provided changing room facilities.
  18. On leaving the premises, please disperse quickly and quietly. Be considerate of our residential neighbours by keeping noise and disturbance to a minimum whenever in the immediate surrounding area of the premises.
  19. No rehearsals in the driveway or alley opposite the premises’ main entrance or any other outdoor space or park within 500 metres of the premises. Hirers whose behaviour causes complaints from neighbours will not be permitted to hire from The Studios in the future.
  20. All studio doors (internal and external) must remain fully closed whilst the studio is in use except for the immediate entrance and egress of the hirer and users.
  21. In the interests of security, ensure that the premises’ entrance door is securely closed after entering or exiting the premises. Do not permit the entrance door to be held open.
  22. Observe and comply with all written notices within and outside the premises.
  23. Comply with any direction or instruction given by the Studios or any associated staff member.
  24. Do not permit music to be played at an average level greater than 90dB. Hirers found to be exceeding an average level of 100dB may at the discretion of the Husky Studios’ Manager have their booking terminated immediately without refund or compensation.
  25. No filming or photography is to take place anywhere in the premises or outside the entrance of the premises unless management’s written permission has been granted in advance.
  26. The Studios operates a zero-tolerance policy relating to discrimination, bullying, threatening or abusive behaviour or language. Such behaviour may cause the hirer’s booking to be cancelled immediately and all persons associated with the hirer be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  27. Do not obscure or block access to emergency exits, fire extinguishers, evacuation alarm call buttons or doors.
  28. Emergency exit doors must not be opened except for emergency evacuation purposes. (£200 fee applies for misuse)
  29. No open flames or burning of any item anywhere inside the premises including, but not limited to, lit matches, cigarette lighters, candles, incense.
  30. No smoking within the premises or within 6 metres of the exterior of the premises or any entrance or exit of the premises.
  31. Ensure you are familiar with the emergency evacuation notices.
  32. In the event of a fire:
    • Sound the fire alarm immediately upon discovery of a fire.
    • Immediately cease all music being played within a studio.
    • Immediately evacuate the studios upon the sounding of a fire alarm.
    • Assemble in the alleyway opposite the premises between 83 Crampton Street and the railway bridge. Remain there until you have been approved to leave by emergency services.
  33. Please note: When it is not possible to exit via the premises’ main entrance, emergency exits located in studios 2, 3 and 5 should be used.
  34. Unless directed to do otherwise by the Studios or any associated staff member, the cobbled alleyway (on the Walworth Road side of the premises) is not to be used for any purpose other than as an emergency exit. Normal entrance to the premises is via the front door which faces Amelia Street on the Crampton Street side of the railway bridge.