Studio Attendees directory – when form maker not working


All hirers are required to provide a full list of attendees in advance of each of their sessions. Regular weekly hirers must provide a list for each and every weekly session taking place during the current pandemic. Any person whose name does not appear on the provided list will not be admitted to Husky Studios. Templates for the lists will be provided and these will reflect the safe room capacity. The list must only include active participants involved with the hire. Spectators are not permitted in Husky Studios. Where the hire involves participants under the age of 18 and/or vulnerable persons, it is the hirer’s responsibility to provide appropriate chaperoning and/or supervision and the hirer must ensure that they include the name of all chaperones and/or supervisors within the number of places permitted for the studio on the list.

Due to technical issues we are currently unable to accept your list via our website. Our web support team are working on the problem and we hope to have the issue resolved in the next few days. In the meantime, if you have a booking starting in the next 24 hours please email directly at a list of everyone who will attending the booking and a contact telephone number. Please ensure that the number of people on the list does not exceed the capacity of the studio. We will automatically remove from the list all excess names.

You must submit a full list of attendees no less than three hours before your booking is due to start.

Anyone not named on the list will not be permitted access to the building.

Husky Studios shall not offer any compensation or additional studio time for any delay of entry caused by failure to provide this advance information in good time.

STUDIO 1 (7 people)

STUDIO 2 (20 people)

STUDIO 3 (WHITE ROOM) (30 people)

STUDIO 4 (6 people)

STUDIO 5 (12 people)

STUDIO 6 (10 people)